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Storm Shelter survival shelter bunker underground houses

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Shandong, Fushan

Brand Name: YTChenghe

Model Number: bunker001

Product name: nuclear bunker

Material:  Carbon steel

Service:  ODM OEM

Surface treatment: powder coating

Certificates: ISO9001,CE

Process: Laser cutting, Bending, Stamping,Welding

Technology: 10 Years’ Experience

Quality Control: QC Test


Advantage: One-stop solution

Product Detail

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The SAFE-CELLAR was designed to be installed under the concrete floor of a new house. It provides a Safe Room, Wine Cellar, Gun Room, Tornado Shelter, and can be equipped with our Nuclear Biological Chemical warfare package to serve as a modern NBC shelter. The steel structure is shipped in one piece and craned into the hole. Once in the excavated hole, the underground air ducts, water pipes, electrical lines, antenna cables, solar cables, sewage line etc. are installed. After ducts and lines are installed, the shelter is backfilled with stone and a 70cm thick concrete slab is poured over the shelter to provide mass and radiation shielding. The SAFE-CELLAR can be installed under the kitchen, garage floor, closet floor, spare room, or living room.


The shelter includes a custom fabricated ladder entry, and an impressive list of other customized options. All shelters in the Nado Series are priced without the beds, couch and toilet. This is done this way for those who wish to use the shelter for a wine cellar, gun room, panic room, or just for storage. Because BombNado is buried 3 m below the surface, the average temperature in the shelter is 60° which will make it the perfect climate controlled wine cellar. The BombNado is built to an all-in-one fallout shelter, safe room, tornado shelter, and gun vault.


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