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Steel Underground Bunker Steel Bunker storm shelter 

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The most popular bomb shelter in the world is a round culvert pipe. It not only allows the customer to bury it way beyond excavation capabilities but, it is using the natural strength of the earth as your main protection and not the thickness of the walls. 10’ Culvert Pipe, if installed correctly, will hold up to 42’ of top soil. The corrugated walls make the interior silent, eliminating echoes that is mostly common in smooth wall shelters. The height of the ceiling in a 10’ diameter shelter is typically 7’ with 3’ of storage underneath the floors. The shelter parts bolt together, making this shelter extremely easy to install for Do-It-Yourselfers.

The shelter includes a custom fabricated ladder entry, and an impressive list of other customized options. All shelters in the Nado Series are priced without the beds, couch and toilet. This is done this way for those who wish to use the shelter for a wine cellar, gun room, panic room, or just for storage. Because BombNado is buried 3 m below the surface, the average temperature in the shelter is 60° which will make it the perfect climate controlled wine cellar. The BombNado is built to an all-in-one fallout shelter, safe room, tornado shelter, and gun vault.

Underground Bunkers Give Your Family a Fighting Chance Against an Atomic Strike.

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