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What role does sheet metal processing play in life?

Metal sheet metal processing is now often encountered in people's lives. Sheet metal is relatively light in weight, high in strength, conductive, and mainly at low cost. If it is mass-produced, the performance is very good. Sheet metal has been widely used in many leaders, such as electronic appliances and communication industries, and then the automotive industry, medical machinery, which have been widely used, and our ordinary people often use products made of sheet metal. , such as TV, mobile phone, refrigerator, computer, rice cooker and so on.

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Sheet metal processing is also called sheet metal processing. For example, our general metal sheet metal processing products are used in our daily life: iron barrels, chimneys, ventilation ducts and funnels, etc. Because sheet metal is a thin metal plate, there are many handicrafts processed by metal sheet metal, so there are also many processing procedures. Today, the metal sheet metal processing factory will roughly talk about cutting, bending, punching, pressing, and flanging. , splicing, shaping, welding, forming and many, many more. Among them, there is a car shell in the finished metal sheet metal processing. The characteristic of metal sheet metal processing is that the thickness of the same part is the same. Now there are many factories that do sheet metal processing, and there are many price differences. If you want to process sheet metal products, you can contact Yantai Chenghe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which is specialized in processing sheet metal, aluminum alloy, carbon steel and other materials in China. The company is also a large sheet metal processing factory in northern China, providing you with a full range of product services.

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Our capabilities will meet your following needs:
1. Aluminum, zinc die casting mould and gravity die casting mould manufacturing.
2. Alloy composition casting.
3. Traditional machining parts. Provide multi-axis, multi-functional wire drawing and tapping process.
4. Prototypes, short editions, series products.
5. Surface coating of hardware products, screen printing, electroplating, sandblasting, anodizing, powder coating, etc.
6. Assemble, pack. You can go to the factory for an on-site inspection, look at the environment and production equipment, and hope to reach a cooperation with you.

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Post time: Sep-13-2022