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What are the common aluminum alloy processing techniques? 

Aluminum alloy by adding other metal elements to the metal aluminum to obtain a metal alloy, such as silicon, iron, copper, aluminum, etc., the addition of other metals to obtain the aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small density, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., the processing process of aluminum alloy parts can be roughing and finishing separate. After roughing, the parts are heat treated, the cutting stress and residual heat are fully released, and then the finishing will greatly improve the processing quality of the parts.


1. Mechanical processing of aluminum alloy parts
Also known as CNC machining, automatic lathe machining, CNC lathe machining, etc.
(1) Use turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other general machine tools to process mold parts, and then carry out the necessary fitter's repair and assemble into various abrasives.
(2) Mold parts with high precision requirements, it is difficult to ensure high machining accuracy only with ordinary machine tools, so it is necessary to use precision machine tools for processing.
(3) In order to make the mold parts, especially the complex shape of the punch, the processing of the concave model hole and cavity more automated, reduce the amount of fitter's repair work, the need to use CNC machine tools (such as three-coordinate CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinding machine and other equipment) to process mold parts.
2. Stamping of aluminum alloy parts
Stamping is by the press and mold on the plate, strip, pipe and profile and other external force, so that it produces plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the desired shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts) molding processing method, stamping molding is with the help of conventional or special stamping equipment power, so that the plate in the mold directly subject to deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the product parts production technology. Sheet, mold and equipment are the three elements of stamping. Stamping molding is a metal cold deformation processing method, so it is called cold stamping or sheet stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing.


3. Precision casting of aluminum alloy parts

Investment casting is a kind of special casting. Parts obtained by this method generally do not need to be machined again. Such as investment casting, die casting, etc. The common practice is: first, design and manufacture the mold according to the product requirements (with very little or no allowance), and cast wax by casting to obtain the original wax mold; Repeat the coating and sanding process on the wax mold, harden the shell and dry it; The internal wax mold is melted to dewax and obtain the mold cavity; Bake the mold shell to obtain sufficient strength; Pour the required metal materials, remove the sand after shelling, so as to obtain high-precision finished products, and then conduct heat treatment and cold processing according to the product needs.

4. Powder metallurgy of aluminum alloy parts

Powder metallurgy is a technology to manufacture metal powder, and take metal powder as raw material, through mixing, molding and sintering, to manufacture materials or products. It includes two parts:

(1) Manufacturing of metal powder (also including alloy powder, hereinafter referred to as "metal powder").

(2) Metal powder (sometimes a small amount of non-metallic powder is added) is used as raw material to produce materials (called "powder metallurgy materials") or (called "powder metallurgy products") after mixing, molding and sintering

5. Injection molding of aluminum alloy parts

The solid powder and organic binder are uniformly mixed. After granulation, the solid powder is injected into the mold cavity with an injection molding machine under the heating and plasticizing state (~150 ℃) for solid forming, and then the binder in the formed billet is removed by chemical or thermal decomposition methods. Finally, the final product is obtained through sintering and densification.

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Post time: Sep-30-2022