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Ukraine’s senior officials disagreed with each other. Zerenski was asked by the US to “surrender”, and the French legislators denounced Kiev

After the "great victory in Kharkov" in northeastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army concentrated on attacking Kherson in the south. No obvious military progress was made, but the Russian army unexpectedly gave up Kherson directly. At first, the Ukrainian official said that the Ukrainian army should be careful not to fall into the trap of the Russian army to lure the enemy in. However, the Ukrainian army made a false alarm. The Russian army really withdrew from the west bank of the Dnieper River to the east bank.

British media reported that there was a disagreement among the senior officials of Ukraine. The commander in chief of the Ukrainian army, Zaluzhne, was asked to be cautious and reduce his public activity because he had offended Zelensky. Before that, there had been media reports that the internal differences and contradictions among the senior level of Ukraine were very fierce, and Zelensky and Zalucheny also once came out to "dispel rumors", saying that this was "false news" released by the Russian side to break the resistance will of the Ukrainian people. But this time it was revealed by the western media, and its credibility was quite high.

British media said that on the issue of peace talks with Russia, Zaluzhne and Zerensky were against each other. At the beginning, Zerensky signed a decree refusing to negotiate with Russia and advocated to retake the areas controlled by Russia through military means. But later, Zerenski changed his words and said that he was open to the negotiation and judgment, but only if Russia agreed to compensate Ukraine and return all Ukrainian land controlled by Russian troops. Zaluri believed that the Uzbek army had gained an advantage on the battlefield, and that "it is advisable to chase down the enemy with courage, not to sell the name of overlord". The Uzbek army should work hard to recover all "lost territories", and would not accept any negotiations, agreements and compromises.

Zelensky hopes to solve the Russian Ukrainian conflict through negotiations, while the Ukrainian military firmly believes that diplomats cannot get what they cannot get on the battlefield by mouth. In fact, the change of Zelensky's attitude is closely related to the United States. The US media reported that 30 members of the Democratic Party League of the US House of Representatives had appealed to Biden through an open letter to negotiate with Russia for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue. During the midterm election, the Republican Party of the United States made it clear that the Biden administration must reduce or stop its military aid to Ukraine, and even threatened not to give Ukraine a dollar. To this end, US National Security Adviser Sullivan once paid a secret visit to Kiev. The main purpose of his visit was to persuade Zerensky to start negotiations with Russia.

Earlier, Nicolas Dupont Eg (1)

However, fearing that Zerensky would act on his own, Mark Mili, the top general of the US military and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a phone call to the commander in chief of the Uzbek army, indicating that he wanted to know about the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield, but in fact he still persuaded Ukraine to start talks with Russia. Now, the mid-term election of the United States Congress is over, the Republican Party has recaptured the House of Representatives, and the Senate is still in the hands of the Democratic Party. Before the election, the Republican Party threatened to cut its aid to Ukraine. If they want to fulfill their promise to the voters, the Biden government must stop its military aid to Ukraine. Therefore, even if the Biden government intends to implement military aid to Ukraine, it will also be greatly hampered by the Republican Party.

For President Biden, if he wants to maintain his governing ability, he must maintain the existing support rate of the Democratic Party and continue to provide military aid to Ukraine; In order to win the presidential election in 2024, we must win the support of more voters, especially those who voted for the Republican Party before. If he stops supporting Ukraine, it will be difficult to win the support of Republican voters. Therefore, the Biden government is now in a dilemma, and hopes that Ukraine can accept the negotiations with Russia, so as to ease its political pressure.

It is worth mentioning that Zerenski was also asked by the US side to "surrender". According to Agence France Presse (AFP) on November 20, Portoliyak, an adviser to the office of President Zelensky of Ukraine, said that the United States tried to persuade Ukraine to talk with Moscow after a series of military victories, which was equivalent to asking us to "surrender". Puerto Rico said that when you have the initiative on the battlefield, it is really strange to hear that you cannot do everything by military means, and you need to negotiate. Because this means that countries that "recover territory" want to surrender to "failed countries", which is obviously not acceptable to Ukraine.

At present, Ukraine's radical attitude towards Russia, and even its moral kidnapping of Western countries, have not only made Western people and media tired, but also made Western governments wary. After two missiles fell into Poland and exploded, killing two people, Ukraine immediately accused Russia of deliberately expanding the war. Instead, the United States was the first to "wash the grievances" for Russia, claiming that the missiles might come from Ukraine. This is not only to avoid dragging itself into an unwanted war of direct intervention, but also to be wary of Ukraine.

Earlier, Nicolas Dupont Eg (2)

Earlier, Nicolas Dupont Eg, a French legislator, denounced Kiev, saying that Zelensky's remarks on the Polish missile attack almost triggered the Third World War. He also publicly called on France to stop supporting Ukraine. It can be said that the patience of the West with Ukraine's military assistance is running out. Of course, Ukraine has the right to defend its own country, but the embarrassment is that Ukraine does not rely on its own strength, but on the support of the Western crutches. Once the West decides to withdraw its crutches, Ukraine will immediately fall down and find it difficult to get up again.

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With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (4)

Post time: Nov-26-2022