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The latest news of the Russian Ukrainian war

Ukrainian President's Office: Power supply in Ukrainian states is gradually restored

On November 24, the Russian Sputnik News Agency reported that Tymoshenko, deputy director of the office of the President of Ukraine, said that power supply in the Ukrainian states was restored.

Tymoshenko said in the video released on the Telegraph social platform: "In fact, the states of Ukraine have restored power supply. The first thing to restore power supply is the key infrastructure: water supply and other key infrastructure. This work has been completed. Next, the next stage is to supply power to businesses and residents."

With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (5)

Tymoshenko pointed out that the available power level of the power system can supply power to merchants for several hours.


According to reports, on November 23, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine said that all nuclear power plants, as well as most thermal power plants and hydropower stations in Ukraine, had suspended power supply, and the vast majority of power users were in a state of power failure. On the 24th, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan said that it had restored power supply to key infrastructure.

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Post time: Nov-29-2022