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New changes have taken place in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. How can ordinary people ensure their own safety

The conflict in Ukraine was not just a "brotherly wall" war between Russia and Ukraine, but Russia alone against the entire NATO group led by the United States. Recently, Vice President Medvedev of the Russian Federation Security Conference also specially emphasized this point. At present, the war is getting fiercer and fiercer, the situation is more and more critical, and the war in Ukraine is more and more likely to spill over. Sure enough, something important has happened.

According to the news on November 16 of the Pentapostadma news network in Greece, the day before, Polish officials announced that two Russian missiles had hit a rural area on the Polish border, killing two Polish civilians. At the same time, Polish media released reports and showed a series of photos at the scene of the incident, such as missile wreckage and explosion scenes. Immediately, the matter was reflected in the Pentagon of the United States. Brigadier General Patriclyde, the press secretary of the United States Department of Defense, said publicly at the briefing that the actions of the Russian army would probably activate Article 5 of NATO's commitment to collective defense and security - the obligation of NATO alliance member states to provide mutual military protection. He also pointed out that "we have made it clear that we will defend every inch of NATO's territory".

The Russian missiles hit Poland, and Poland is a member of NATO, so NATO cannot sit idly by. Obviously, this is a big event. British Sky News released the latest news on the 16th, saying that the US Ministry of Defense immediately held an emergency meeting on this matter, with the participation of the US Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, leaders of the European Command and heads of several US intelligence agencies, such as the FBI, to discuss and study countermeasures.

Since the outbreak of the conflict in late February this year, Poland and other NATO countries have never stopped interfering in the war situation, while frantically stepping up sanctions against Russia and hysterically providing various military support to Ukraine. Poland is the most active one. Since the conflict, Poland has already become the main channel for NATO military assistance to Ukraine, and Poland has also provided a large number of Soviet made weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces. Poland has never been willing to send foreign mercenaries to Ukraine. In recent months, the media has repeatedly disclosed that NATO has sent a large number of mercenaries to Ukraine from Poland, the United States and Britain. Poland is so deeply involved in the Russian Ukrainian war, but Russia has always been quiet and careful not to attack Poland. This time, however, the situation is different.

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Perhaps it was really because of the big deal. After the news was spread, the Russian side immediately made a "rumor dispelling" response. Later on the 15th, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement, saying that the photos released by the Polish media had nothing to do with Russian weapons. The Polish government's statement on Russian missile attacks was a "deliberate provocation" to Russia, which was intended to escalate the situation. On the 16th, it was disclosed by the media that Leonkov, a well-known Russian military expert, believed that the missile attack could not be a cruise missile attack by the Russian army, because the cruise missile had high accuracy and could not deviate so far from the target. He also pointed out that this was probably the result of the S-300 air defense missile system of the Ukrainian army, which was a pose between Ukraine and Poland.

At present, it is not known whether this incident is true or not, but now the problem is that Poland, the United States and other countries have unanimously agreed that it was Russian missiles that hit Poland, and "there is a picture and a truth". Most importantly, the United States is taking this opportunity to make a great contribution and prepare emergency plans to deal with this crisis. That is to say, whether Russia admits it or not, the matter must be promoted according to the script set by the United States.

Judging from the current situation, Russia may indeed face an unprecedented crisis this time. The mid-term elections in the United States have come to an end. It is almost certain that in the future, the United States will significantly slow down its military assistance to Ukraine, and then focus on "Indo Pacific". Then, in the calculation of the United States, the Ukrainian battlefield needs its NATO allies to take over. However, recently, countries such as Germany, France and Italy have become increasingly "tired" of the situation in Ukraine, coupled with the upsurge of anti war movements in European countries. Therefore, in this case, the United States especially needs a sudden change in the situation in Ukraine, and it is better to let NATO be deeply involved. It has to be said that this "air attack" on Poland by Russian missiles really happened in a timely manner.

With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (5)

In any case, the United States is unlikely to ease the war situation in Ukraine. In fact, Poland and other countries have no substantial difference from Ukraine, they are just puppets. Therefore, whenever the strategic interests of the United States require, something must happen. However, this time NATO determined that Russia should be in big trouble when Russian missiles hit Poland.

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With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (4)
With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (3)
With the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city of Kherson (2)

Post time: Nov-16-2022