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How to solve the problem of people’s safety after 300 days of fierce fighting and 300000 casualties?

The smoke of the World Cup has gone, while the real war in the world - the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues today, which has lasted for 300 days. Let's focus on this conflict again.

There is no hope for peace talks in the increasingly brutal battlefield

Recently, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milli, said that since the conflict in Ukraine, the number of casualties in Russia has exceeded 100000, and the number in Ukraine is comparable.

According to the British BBC, the number of casualties of the Russian army in Ukraine has exceeded 10000, but this is only analyzed through the obituary. The actual number of casualties of the Russian army may have reached 20000, and the number of deaths of Wagner Group soldiers and Chechen soldiers has not been counted. In addition, there are no exact statistics on the number of people killed by pro Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, but the number must not be small.

Does Ukraine face a dangerous turning point when it launches a cross-border strike against the Russian Ukrainian conflict (1)

According to the statements and statistics of the Russian side, the casualties of Ukrainian soldiers have exceeded 200000 since the war began. According to this figure, nearly 300000 people have been injured or killed on both sides.

One side should "normalize" the war and the other side should "recover Crimea"

The war is becoming more and more brutal, and neither side shows signs of "yielding". According to the German news agency Moscow on December 18, Russian state media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will release important news at this week's meeting of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the news, Putin will personally preside over the annual expanded meeting of the Ministry of Defense, but the specific date of the meeting is still unclear. The report also pointed out that at a government meeting last week, Putin had asked for adjustment of the arms plan. It is believed that he may continue to promote the transformation of the domestic economy into a war economy.

If Putin then announces that Russia will further adjust to the "wartime state", it means that the situation in Ukraine will be further heated, and Russia's military action will be more intense.

According to the report on the website of Russian Television Today (RT) on the 18th, Ukrainian President Zelensky said in a recent interview with French media that the Ukrainian people are now psychologically ready to retake Crimea from Russia by force. He also said that the Ukrainian people had already begun to imagine the recovery of Crimea in their minds, and suggested that he might visit Crimea as early as 2023.

When asked about Ukraine's plan for Crimea, Zerenski said: "The action itself has not yet started. Once it starts, you will certainly hear about it." He added that he personally believed that "the recovery of Crimea has started in the minds of (Ukraine) people, which is very important".

Is there a third-party force that can prevent the war from continuing to expand

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On December 19 local time, UN Secretary General Guterres held a press conference to exchange views with reporters on international issues such as the Russian Ukrainian conflict.

Guterres is not optimistic about the possibility of "serious" peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in the near future. He once again stressed that the Russian Ukrainian conflict must be resolved peacefully in a manner consistent with the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations will continue to provide a platform for dialogue and reduce casualties. It is hoped that Russia and Ukraine can end the conflict as soon as possible.

Recently, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger published an article entitled "How to avoid another world war" in the British "Spectator" magazine. Kissinger compared the current situation to that before the escalation of World War I in 1916, and believed that all countries should start urgent negotiations on ending the Russian Ukrainian conflict to prevent another world war.

Kissinger believed that the winter would force both sides of the Russian Ukrainian conflict to stop large-scale military operations, which was the same as in 1916, when the major European countries involved in the war all expected the United States to mediate to end the conflict. However, because the President of the United States was busy at that time, domestic elections missed the opportunity to end the First World War through diplomatic means. Kissinger believed that the United States should not miss this time.

It is easy to see that when Kissinger considered the Russian Ukrainian issue, he still looked at the Russian Ukrainian conflict from a calm game perspective, that is, the West can expand its containment of Russia through the Russian Ukrainian conflict, but it can not force Russia to a dead end, or it will be the end of the First World War in which both sides lose.

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