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How to find metal customization manufacturers

To sort out our customized general process:

Now it is very easy to find manufacturers. Basically, search for the keyword "metal customization". It is probably necessary to consider the price and the manufacturer's technology level. If the time is urgent, it is also necessary to consider the manufacturer's delivery capacity.

Generally speaking, the price of a single product depends on the process. Some processes (such as cold heading) require mold opening (mold customization), and it is unlikely to accept single piece customization. If you must only make a single piece, you need to pay mold fees, and the price of a single piece is very high. Some processes (such as turning) do not require molds, and the cost of single piece production is relatively low. All processes also have limitations. Some metals may have to be made by a certain process, which can be judged according to the manufacturer's reply.

The location of the manufacturer determines whether you can directly go face to face consultation, put forward targeted suggestions, etc. The level of technology generally depends on the level of the manufacturer's machines and staff, which can be seen directly from their products.


1. Communication: Do you have samples for the parts you want to customize? You can directly contact the manufacturer you find to communicate. What you need to determine is the length of the bracket, the location of the hole, the depth, and other data. Now, generally, manufacturers will provide plans and drawings according to the drawings you draw.

During this period, you are required to participate in the design and modification. It is better to measure each parameter accurately to avoid errors. The designer will also communicate with you to understand your requirements and find ways to meet them. It can be processed after being completely determined.

Of course, it is not ruled out that manufacturers who have made similar metal parts may give you solutions at one step. So when you choose a manufacturer, you can check whether their products are similar, which may greatly improve the efficiency.

2. Pricing: Prices vary greatly due to different processes, materials, and even manufacturers' locations. Therefore, we should judge the choice according to our own needs.

3. Processing cycle: The agreed delivery time can be determined for the manufacturer at the beginning. Generally, the production cycle of a single piece is well controlled.

4. Supervisor: During the processing, you can properly inquire about the processing progress and ask to take a video. Because the designer and the master who made the part are not the same person, there is also a possibility of errors in the intermediate link (although the rate of errors of manufacturers with good quality control is very small). So if you think there is a problem during the processing, you can put forward it in time, whether to rework, etc.

5. Inspection: In the end, the finished parts may not be suitable or usable, such as incorrect size and specification, poor material strength, or errors in the processing process. At this time, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer to see if there is any possibility of saving. For example, if the inner diameter of the hole is smaller, it can be re processed to make it larger.


Now there are many metal processing factories, and there are many price differences. If you want to process metal products, you can contact Yantai Chenghe Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., which is an enterprise specializing in processing sheet metal, aluminum alloy, carbon steel and other materials. Located in Yantai, China, it is a large metal processing factory in northern China, providing you with comprehensive product services.

Our capabilities will meet your needs for:

1. Manufacturing of aluminum and zinc die casting molds and gravity die casting molds.

2. Alloy composition casting.

3. Traditional machining parts. It provides multi axis and multi-function drawing and tapping processes.

4. Prototype, short version and series products.

5. Hardware product surface coating, screen printing, electroplating, sandblasting, anodizing, powder spraying, etc.

6. Assembly and packaging. You can go to the factory to inspect the environment and production equipment, and hope to cooperate with you.


Post time: Oct-08-2022