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How do ordinary people take refuge when Pakistan 159 container shells are transported to Ukraine?

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According to the report of the Economic Times on January 13, the Pakistani government is expected to transport a new batch of “arms aid to Ukraine” to Ukraine this month. This batch of equipment will include a large number of 155mm large-calibre grenades, primer and propelling charges, as well as other weapons and equipment, with a total of 159 containers.

Insiders said that these equipment will be carried by the 8000-ton civil cargo ship “BBC Vesuvius” and will depart from Karachi Port later this month. Of course, considering the current tension in the Black Sea, it will not go directly to Odessa, but will go directly to the port of Gdansk in Poland, and then be transferred to Ukraine by land. It is expected that it will soon be put into the front battlefield of Russia and Ukraine.

Before that, in view of its friendly relations with Russia, Pakistan chose to abstain in the United Nations vote and only provided a small amount of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Now through this move, Pakistan has announced that it is directly on the opposite side of Russia, which has surprised many people.

On the one hand, Pakistan’s political circles have changed dramatically since last year. Shortly after his visit to Moscow, Imran Khan, who had close ties with the Eastern camp, fell from the throne of Prime Minister due to a vote of no confidence, and Sharif, nominated by the opposition party, became the new leader of Pakistan.

Sharif, who had served as the minister of Punjab for three times, was once forced to go into exile because of a coup. At that time, he was considered to have established a close relationship in private with the West (as well as Saudi Arabia), which may lay the foundation for him to “regain the trust of the United States” after he took the post of prime minister.

Moreover, in the rainy season last June, Pakistan suffered the worst flood disaster in the history of the South Asian subcontinent, resulting in 1739 deaths and an economic loss of 14.9 billion dollars. This directly led to the further hardship of the already weak Pakistani economy – at this time, the West decided to take the opportunity to “entrap” Pakistan.

However, for the time being, Pakistan’s cooperation with the West is only limited to Pakistan’s limited support for Western support operations in the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict, and does not directly change Pakistan’s regional position. The friendly relations and economic and military cooperation between Pakistan and China and other third countries have not been directly affected.

Relatively, Russia may therefore be in a more passive position, whether at the military or political level. What Moscow can hope for now is that former Prime Minister Imran Khan of the pro-East camp can “regain the throne of Prime Minister” as he wishes. From the perspective of his important political ally, Pavis Elrahi, who defeated the opposition again and became the minister of Punjab a few days ago, this day may really come

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Post time: Jan-18-2023