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Can the Russian people survive the crisis safely when NATO deploys early warning aircraft to Romania?

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On the 17th local time, an early warning aircraft sent by NATO from Germany arrived in Romania. NATO had previously issued a statement saying that it was used to “monitor Russia’s military activities”.

On the same day, a NATO AWACS aircraft arrived at the Ottoponi Air Force Base in Romania. According to Reuters, the AWACS belongs to the AWACS fleet previously deployed at the German Galenkirchen Air Force Base and will stay in Romania for several weeks. Earlier, NATO issued a statement saying that early warning aircraft is a key element of NATO’s deterrence and defense. NATO will also send about 180 military personnel to Romania to provide security for the operation and maintenance of early warning aircraft.

Romania is a member of NATO and the European Union, bordering Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February last year, NATO countries have continuously promised to deliver weapons and equipment to Ukraine, and have strengthened their air presence in its eastern wing and the Baltic Sea region. Russia has repeatedly condemned the relevant practices of NATO. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the NATO forces have been expanding eastward, trampling the red line drawn by Russia on the issue of developing relations with NATO, which has led to the escalation of regional tensions.

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Post time: Jan-19-2023