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Heavy Large Metal Fabrication Welding and Fabrication

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: Chenghe
Model Number: W-S
Product name: Welding fabrication parts
Material: Stainless Steel
Surface treatment: powder coating, galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating
Technics: laser cutting, stamping, bending, welding, surface treatment
Logo: Custom
Custom: OEM ODM Support
Quality Control: Guaranteed High Quality
Advantage: One-stop solution
Tolerance: 0.05mm

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We have rich experience in the production of boilers and other large containers, and have innovative manufacturing processes and ideas, which can provide any product you want
Modular Boiler Systems are comprised of multiple units that work together as one to manage the steam load across several boilers.
This efficient, on-demand steam system quickly turns boilers ON and OFF to match fluctuating steam demands. Turning the boilers OFF when not in use can lead to a 20% reduction in fuel usage, lower emissions output, and less overall runtime. Plus, these boilers do not require to burn wasted fuel in an idle state when not in use.
Modular designs enable an upper hand in system scalability. Adding units as production increases, and turning off units if demand decreases due to trends or a sudden stop in production allows for smooth transitions for those uncertain times.
Take advantage of modular designs to save valuable time, money, and emissions.

CNC Machining
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Control Box
Laser Cutting Service
Steel Bracket
Stamping Parts
*Steel,Stainless Steel
*Die Casting
Sandblasting, Anodizing Color, Blackenning, Zinc\Nickl Plating, Polishing And Brushing, Etc.
Main Equipment
CNC Machining Center(Milling), CNC Lathe, Griantry CNC Machining Center, Etc.
Cylindrical Grinder Machine, Drilling Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Etc.
Bending Machine, Stamping Machine, Sand Blasting Machine, Powder Coating Line.
Tube Laser Cutting Machine, Flame Cutting Machine, Robert Welding Arm, Etc.
Drawing Format
Step, Stp, Gis, Cad, Pdf, Dwg, Dxf Etc Or Samples.
Delivery Time
5-30 Days Depends On Quantities
+/-0.02mm ~ +/-0.05mm
Surface Roughness
Ra 0.6-3.2

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